In the Heart of the Volcano

In the Heart of the Volcano Wines, in all their nuances and varieties, are intrinsically linked to the soil of the vineyards. The nutrients of the soil and the climate in which the grapes flourish are inseparable components that give them their subtly and flavour. For...

Blended with Love

It is not possible to express the different flavours and aromas, a wine’s complexity, or its balance in simple numbers, so creating a blended wine comes down to a winemakers discerning palate. Honing their craft by playing with different varietals’ attributes to mould something novel and innovative each time, building blended wines becomes a subtle art form.

From Vineyard To Table

There has always been a special relationship between food and wine. It’s well known that wine pairings can delve into layers of texture and flavour that envelop your senses and enhance your experience of food. Here, Matt Fowles, owner and CEO of Fowles Wine, sits down with Jacqueline Foy of Wineries of Victoria to share his unique celebration of provenance and flavour.

Bendigo’s Buried Treasure

In conversation with Wes Vine, president of the Bendigo Winegrowers Association, Bethany Hayes unpacks just what gives Bendigo its iconic versatile edge, and why its future as a wine region is sparkling multi-carat bright.

You’re The Wine That I want

Here, Emma Warner Allen speaks with Julian Langworthy, head winemaker at Dalwhinnie Wines to decode the humble shiraz.