Bendigo’s Buried Treasure

In conversation with Wes Vine, president of the Bendigo Winegrowers Association, Bethany Hayes unpacks just what gives Bendigo its iconic versatile edge, and why its future as a wine region is sparkling multi-carat bright.

You’re The Wine That I want

Here, Emma Warner Allen speaks with Julian Langworthy, head winemaker at Dalwhinnie Wines to decode the humble shiraz.

Pride of the Pyrenees

Pride of the Pyrenees Named after the mighty mountain range stretching across Spain to separate the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe, the Pyrenees is a name well known by the vastly travelled, geography aficionados, and wine lovers alike. The raw, rugged...

Gifted With Love

Here, Kirrily Ireland chats with David and Jane Lawson, the owners and operators of Black Wallaby Wines, to discover all the tips and tricks around buying that perfect bottle of wine for a gift.

Dining With A Difference

Here, Kirrily Ireland consults Robin Brockett, chief winemaker at Scotchmans Hill, to create this inspiring wine connoisseur’s guide that explores the ultimate food and wine pairings.

A New Lees On Life

Tristan Lott speaks with Kaspar Hermann, one of Rochford Wines’ talented winemakers, to demystify the winemaking process and learn about the movement toward plant-based winemaking and its expanding commercial market.