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Prancing Horse Estate News WOV11

Wine & Dine

It started with a few enthusiastic first-time winemakers planting some vines nearly forty years ago, doing everything the hard way and roping in friends and family to help out. The first few years of wine production were also a bit hit and miss, working in the garage with secondhand equipment. However, Shaws Road Winery has over the years become what it was always intended to become: a place where people can get together to appreciate the good things that life brings, long and enduring friendships, the rewards of investing time and energy into making things grow, the joy in following your heart and doing what you love.

Now, forty years later, winemakers George Apted, Karl Helper and John Graves at Shaws Road Winery are still friends getting together every weekend to make wine together. They have more equipment to help them but still make the wines by hand. The vineyards they planted have flourished and the wines they are producing are first rate. George Apted, the owner of Shaws Road Winery, has built an amazing cellar door, winery and restaurant on-site to showcase the wines he is proud to put his name to.

The passion for winemaking has extended to building a stunning restaurant that seats 70, with outstanding views over the local farmlands, offering delicious country-style cooking with a changing seasonal menu. There’s no slowing down. Already ordered for delivery next year are another couple hundred vines of new varietals to plant in a new patch at Shaws Road Winery. The lesson? Do what you love, follow your passion, choose a few good people to go on the journey with you, and share the outcome with generosity of spirit.