Delatite Winery
Delatite Winery

The Season For Schnapps

2020 will see the construction of a new cellar door at Delatite Wines, as well as a restaurant and blending room close to the current winery. A dedicated marquee space, event area, and permaculture vegetable beds are also within 100 metres of the new building.

Delatite Wines is also delighted to announce the release of a schnapps range. This has been in the making since the 1980s, when current owner David Ritchie befriended some German winemakers who also made their own schnapps. A small off-grid micro distillery has been set up by some friends close to Mansfield who share the same values as David; namely sustainability and biodynamics. David has been working with Hank Thierry to develop a small range of schnapps from its gewürztraminer, which is powered by a wood fired boiler and solar panels. This variety lends itself to distillation as it has beautiful aromatics and flavours, easily captured by the old copper pot and column still. Bottled in clear European 500mL bottles and sealed with a cork top and wax, these are limited, small releases of around 150–250 bottles per batch.

For those with traditional European taste, the pure, 42 percent proof gewürztraminer will suit. A 20 percent proof honey and saffron gewurztraminer schnapps with local Mansfield honey and tolmie saffron is also available. As it’s unfiltered, beautiful flecks of saffron can be seen suspended in the bottles. The third is a 42 percent proof Gewürztraminer Lemon Myrtle with very delicate flavours.

The labels were designed by Henry Eisner in conjunction with David and Catherine’s daughter, Polly. Taking inspiration from mid-twentieth century alpine posters from Europe, Henry has made Mount Buller the dominant feature of the label. This is a real Mansfield collaboration – across grapes, wine, distilling, bottling and label design. Available by visiting or contacting Delatite’s cellar door.