Red Hill Estate

Nifty at Fifty

Red Edge is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its original vines planted in 1971, making it the oldest vineyard in the township of Heathcote. Such established vines are incredibly rare for most wineries, and Red Edge still utilises the fruit the vines bear to create its beautifully renowned wines. 

Entirely estate grown fruit, every bottle is grown, made, and bottled at Red Edge. Sold directly to the consumer through its brand-new cellar door, Red Edge truly represents the farm to table experience.

Underpinning Red Edge’s hands-on practice is an environmentally conscious philosophy. As an off-grid winery, Red Edge relies entirely on solar energy and battery storage to power the estate. With water scarcity a serious issue across Australia, the winery also relies solely on rainwater rather than irrigation to nourish the vines.

To find out more about Red Edge’s remarkable wines and progressive approach to winemaking, visit its website today.