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New Vintages of Ocean Eight’s Pinot Noir

The 2022 pinot noir wines are now available from Ocean Eight winery in Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula. It is the fifteenth vintage release from Ocean Eight, and these wines are the result of over two years of care, patience and the simple philosophy of winemaker Michael Aylward.

Crop levels were naturally kept to a tight level in 2022 by tempestuous spring weather, but this made the grapes delivered to the winery ideal for making pinot noir with intensity, texture and balance. Volumes of the Ocean Eight label are thus limited; even more so for the reserve label, Aylward.

The Ocean Eight pinot noir is from a single vineyard planted in the obscure postcode of Tuerong, a farming town in the hinterlands of the Mornington Peninsula. Delicate aromatics of cherry and an elusive hint of charcuterie lead to a taste of ripe cherries. Spice and earthy undertones harmonise to create the complexity that is desirable in fine pinot noir. Grainy tannin keeps the wine focused to its extended finish.

The Aylward pinot noir is picked from a single block that sits within the wider planting matrix of vines on the Ocean Eight vineyard in Tuerong. The Aylward is only made in years that Michael deems worthy of the vintage, and then only in miniscule quantities. The vintage emits dried herb and light red cherry aromatics in comparison to the Ocean Eight wine. The palate follows to the tastes of classic Mornington Peninsula red cherry that seamlessly marries more subtle flavours of cinnamon spice and char from the lick of new oak that the Aylward wine sees.

Try and get your hands on these wines while you can; quantities made in 2022 were limited more so than usual.