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Ocean Eight
Ocean Eight
Ocean Eight vineyard
Ocean Eight




“Ocean Eight pinot gris has been consistently rated the best of its type in Australia.”

Ocean Eight
Ocean Eight

Ocean Eight

Ocean Eight

Ocean Eight is a family-owned vineyard and winery. Winemaker Michael Aylward went into business with his parents in 2004, with a focus on making the highest-quality pinot noir and chardonnay on the Mornington Peninsula.

Plantings of pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot gris over two sites combine to make a total of 14 hectares under vine. Michael has travelled extensively through Burgundy, Alsace and Champagne to determine the Ocean Eight style and the best-quality winemaking techniques.

His travels to Champagne were also the inspiration behind an Ocean Eight sparkling, made in very limited numbers when seasons are ideal for sparkling production.

Although the wines are grown and made on the Mornington Peninsula, the most salient Burgundian techniques are applied to take the wines to another level. It’s this attention to quality and detail that led to Michael being named ‘Young Gun of Wine’ in 2011.

Ocean Eight pinot gris has been consistently rated the best of its type in Australia. It is produced in the best region for this variety in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ocean Eight produces four wines each year, and a visit to the cellar door offers visitors the chance to taste these, alongside the occasional museum release, plus the opportunity to visit the underground barrel room and cellar.

Tasting Notes

Ocean Eight Pinot Gris
⇐ Ocean Eight Pinot Gris

The first aroma is a barrel-derived matchstick complexity, immediately followed by fruit, including notes of white pear and green apple. The finish is dry to some and slightly sweet to others, depending upon individual threshold, but the crisp acid finish is evident to all. Its richness and crispness give it versatility in food matching.

Ocean Eight Pinot Noir
⇐ Ocean Eight Pinot Noir

The vivid and fresh aromas of mulberry and red cherries give this wine a very youthful appearance. The flavours of fruit follow through on the palate and are joined with secondary earthy notes that add complexity. The finish sees plenty of firm grape tannins, as well as crisp acid, giving the wine a tight lingering ending. Given its vibrancy, this wine will match up well with spicier food.

Ocean Eight Verve Chardonnay
⇐ Ocean Eight Verve Chardonnay

A very subtle wine, with some macadamia nut aromas and clove spices from the barrel fermentation. The fruit ranges in the lime and grapefruit spectrum, and the finish is the highlight with a racy acidic and mineral mouthfeel up the centre of the palate. A great match to oysters, scallops and other subtle seafood dishes.

Ocean Eight Aylward Reserve Pinot Noir
⇐ Ocean Eight Aylward Reserve Pinot Noir

The reserve from this 10/10 vintage has greater fruit intensity and sees slightly more new oak. The aroma is of the bright red fruit spectrum  think fresh raspberry. While remaining youthful, there are portents of richness that are balanced with delicacy and fragrance. Tannin and acidity at the finish are also beautifully balanced.

Ocean Eight Mornington Peninsula Winery



Getting There
271 Tucks Road,

Contact Details
Tel: (03) 5989 6471
Email: mike@oceaneight.com.au
Website: www.oceaneight.com.au

Cellar Door
Open 11:00am–5:00pm Thursday to Saturday, and 11:00am–3:00pm Sunday. Extended January opening hours


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Additional Features

Private barrel tastings available by appointment