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Zig Zag Road is a family-owned winery

New Label Joins The Family

Zig Zag Wines’ award-winning range is now joined by the vineyard’s newest label, Kind Folk. This vintage is made using natural, low-intervention winemaking methods and wild fermentation, and low to no sulphites are added. The name ‘Kind Folk’ evolved as the winemakers, being English, do not have family in Victoria and so rely upon the kindness of friends who volunteer in the vineyard throughout the seasons. The 2018 Kind Folk Sauvignon Blanc, the first of the label, is matured on lees for nine months, and is a remarkable representation of the cool climate and elevation in which its grapes were planted. This vintage, and the rest of Zig Zag Wines’ range can be sampled at its cellar door in Malmsbury.