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Delatite Wines' 2018 Estate Hell’s Window Gewurz Pinot Gris Riesling

Natural And BiodynamicThere

Delatite Wines is celebrating the third release of its natural, vegan-friendly wine, the 2018 Estate Hell’s Window Gewurz Pinot Gris Riesling.
When making this vintage, the winery follows biodynamic principles. The three varieties – pinot gris, gewürztraminer and riesling – are handpicked on the same day, then crushed and co-fermented for a week. Fermentation is finished in old French oak puncheons where the wine is aged for six months. No yeast or other additives are introduced to the process, and the resulting wine has very little sulphur and a lively finish. Delatite Wines began following biodynamic principles in 2001, and since 2005 they have been practised across the entire estate to grow grapes that have a unique character and no synthesised chemicals. Natural wines are sparking discussion among the wine community with increasing numbers available commercially. Tastings are free and visitors welcomed at Delatite Wines’ cellar door, which is located just outside Mansfield.