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Kind And Generous Folk

Zig Zag Road has released a second vintage to its newly developed label, Kind Folk. This year, it’s an amber sauvignon blanc that delights and surprises. “It’s a wild ferment, which is unfiltered and has had time on skins,” says vigneron Henry Churchill. “Visitors to our cellar door seem to really relish this unusually cloudy and refreshing wine.”

The label, designed by Melbourne artist and friend Gorkie, is dedicated to acknowledging the generosity and kindness of the people around the Churchills. “We’re much more interested in sharing the stories of what went into the wine, [rather] than telling people what they are tasting, as everyone is different,” says fellow vigneron Harriet Churchill. Instead of a list of tasting notes on the back of the label, the names of the people who assisted throughout the seasons are listed – an ode to those who supported the family throughout the year.