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Mitchelton Wines' PREECE NV Cuvée Prosecco

Distinctive Designs

Celebrating its latest release, Mitchelton Wines has launched a particularly exciting new product; the PREECE NV Cuvée Prosecco. The new PREECE NV Cuvée Prosecco is crisp, clean and delicate, with fine bubbles on the palate and intense flavours of citrus and pear. Perfect for creating a touch of everyday luxury, or to be enjoyed on a special occasion, this sparkling wine is both enjoyable to drink and a special one-of-a-kind addition to the Mitchelton Wines range. Of particular note is the custom design of the bottle. Unique designs are apparent on the label, adding an extra touch of eminence to the release. Each label has been generated via an algorithm, which ensures no two bottles look the same.