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Behind the Bubbles

With more than sixty years of experience in making méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines, Domaine Chandon is proud to present ‘Behind the Bubbles’, an immersive experience providing a behind-the-scenes look into the traditional methods of making sparkling wine. In this firsthand encounter with the craft, visitors learn about the process behind bringing exceptional bubbles to life, and step into the shoes of a winemaker to try and recreate Chandon’s signature Vintage Brut blend.

Domaine Chandon is based within the beautiful Yarra Valley, where the land contains the necessary terroir for their varietal. In a bid to re-define luxury sparkling wine, the winery took its business far from home. Beginning in Argentina, Domaine Chandon’s journey has taken the team around the world to California, Brazil, China, India and all the way here, to Australia.

The full experience includes a sparkling brunch, giving customers a selection of sweet and savoury treats alongside a mimosa, with a view of the Yarra Ranges. Customers can sate their appetites on such delicacies as smoked salmon, coddled egg, prosciutto, potato rosti, croissants, orange and almond cake, and fresh fruit. Guests then make their way to Riddling Hall, where expert guides introduce them to the skills and foresight needed to blend a base wine into an exceptional sparkling.

With the tour over, customers get the opportunity to test their knowledge. This is where the experience comes into its own as the guests roll up their sleeves, attempting to recreate Chandon’s own flagship Vintage Brut based purely on taste. This activity becomes a friendly competition with a prize given out to whoever can get closest to the master blend. Those not so lucky will not leave empty handed, as all participants go home with a bottle of the finished wine.

With award-winning wines, Chandon has a reputation for the passion, skill and patience that goes into its craft. Viewings for ‘Behind the Bubbles’ can be booked online.