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A.T. Richardson Wines vineyards
A.T. Richardson Wines Writers Block Riesling

A Wine Experience

Join the founder of A.T. Richardson Wines, Adam Richardson, on a personal tasting and tour of this stunning Grampians vineyard. In his winemaking process, Richardson combines traditional methods with more than 24 years’ experience of crafting wines around the world.

A.T. Richardson Wines creates vintages that reflect all the area has to offer. Surrounded by natural eucalypt forests, and visited by mobs of kangaroos and flocks of sulphur-crested cockatoos, it is the natural beauty of the vineyard and the historic Grampians region that inspires its founder and head winemaker.

The unyielding soil, typical of the region, is ideal for growing riesling, shiraz and durif varieties, as well as lesser known varieties such as nebbiolo and tannat, which hail from Italy and France respectively, and produce powerful, full-bodied wines.

Personal tastings and tours are available by appointment at the picturesque A.T. Richardson Wines.