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Gisborne Peak News

Join The Family

Wine-lovers can experience life as a vigneron with the Adopt-A-Vine program at Gisborne Peak Wines. This unique program allows guests to invest in a vine at the renowned estate, where they can become part of the winemaking family and learn about the intricate process of how wine is made.

Guests can bring their family and friends to share the experience of nurturing a vine and creating wine. This experience is immersive and informative, with Hands-On Days where winemakers teach adoptive vine ‘parents’ the various seasonal vineyard tasks, such as the fine art of pruning and canopy management.

Adopting a vine can deepen the connection between a wine connoisseur and the drink itself. These vines are treated with special care by both the parent and the winery to create a memorable experience for all, with a delicious wine to look forward to at the end!

Since its establishment in 2004, the Adopt-A-Vine’s has expanded to the United States and New Zealand, with a goal to get the program listed on all grape growing countries throughout the world.