Red Hill Estate

A Grape in the Hand is Worth Two in the Barrel

While many have been disappointed with this summer’s consistently cool climate, Glenwillow Wines is delighted by the optimal conditions for wine-production. Commencing grape picking for its 2021 vintage, Glenwillow Wines eagerly anticipates that this year may produce its best vintage yet. Warm days and mild nights have characterised the key ripening months of February and March, resulting in slow and steady ripening rates. All the grape varieties grown on Glenwillow Wines’ vineyard have reaped these benefits, but none more so than the nebbiolo crop. Bursting with flavour, and the perfect balance of acidity these spectacular grapes have thrived under Glenwillow Wines’ careful care, resulting in plentiful bunches. In addition to a bountiful harvest, Glenwillow Wines’ opal mine in White Cliffs has been just as fruitful and Glenwillow Wines are thrilled to announce the addition of many beautiful opals to its cellar door and gallery. The stunning blue-green crystal opals have been handcrafted by owner Cheryl Fyffe into gorgeous pieces of jewellery available for purchase at its cellar door and gallery in Bendigo’s historic Pottery Complex.