In the Heart of the Volcano

In the Heart of the Volcano Wines, in all their nuances and varieties, are intrinsically linked to the soil of the vineyards. The nutrients of the soil and the climate in which the grapes flourish are inseparable components that give them their subtly and flavour. For...

Boat O’Craigo

Finding its home in one of Victoria’s oldest wine regions, Boat O’Craigo hosts two impressive vineyards within the luscious Yarra Valley, producing a number of varieties including sparkling, pinot grigio, chardonnay, pinot noir and shiraz, but also grüner veltliner, gewürztraminer and grenache

Dalwhinnie Wines

Purchased by architect Ewan Jones in 1973, Dalwhinnie Wines is listed amongst the pioneering vineyards of the Moonambel sub-region. Its first vines were planted in 1976, and 1980 saw the very first vintage of the Dalwhinne Moonambel Cabernet.


Nestled in the heart of the rugged Australian Pyrenees, this unique vineyard has given rise to a distinctive range of award-winning wines that embody the beauty, fragility and resilience of the Australian country.

Nifty at Fifty

Nifty at Fifty Red Edge is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its original vines planted in 1971, making it the oldest vineyard in the township of Heathcote. Such established vines are incredibly rare for most wineries, and Red Edge still utilises the fruit the...