In the Heart of the Volcano

In the Heart of the Volcano Wines, in all their nuances and varieties, are intrinsically linked to the soil of the vineyards. The nutrients of the soil and the climate in which the grapes flourish are inseparable components that give them their subtly and flavour. For...

Wine & Dine

Home | Category: "Wine News" Wine & Dine It started with a few enthusiastic first-time winemakers planting some vines nearly forty years ago, doing everything the hard way and roping in friends and family to help out. The first few years of wine...


Owned by the Mitchell family since 1999, Montalto is a place where you celebrate life and enjoy a moment out of the ordinary.

Munari Wines

A boutique winery, Munari Wines sits at the epicentre of the Heathcote wine region, nestled at the base of Mount Ida among gum trees and the quaint, ‘Ladys Creek’.