Blended & Bottled

Blended & Bottled Situated in the beautiful Goulburn Valley, Tahbilk is thrilled to announce their new and engaging winemaker blending experience. Established in 1860, the winery continues to pay homage to the tradition of old-world winemaking. Guided by an...

Taste Like A Winemaker

Get hands-on at Tahbilk Winery, with their winemaking/wine tasting workshop throughout 2019

Tahbilk Winery

Recognised as the oldest family-owned winery and vineyard in Victoria, Tahbilk Winery prides itself on maintaining many of the heritage features that have been integral to the property since its inception.

A Visit To The Valley

Pamela Hale discovers what the ‘heart of Victoria’ – the Goulburn Valley region has to offer.