Fine Vintages with Fine Palates

Fine Vintages with Fine Palates Ocean Eight is pleased to release the 2021 vintage of pinot noir and verve chardonnay. Releasing its wines two years after they were made allows them to spend twelve months in barrel and, crucially, have ample time to settle down after...

A Bold Combination

As a producer of many fantastic wines, Eldridge Estate is particularly proud of its PTG, a unique blend of pinot noir and gamay that is released in October each year, with its 2021 release expected to be another winner.

Trentham Estate

Trentham Estate is a family-owned boutique winery located right on the banks of the Murray River at Trentham Cliffs, just fifteen minutes from Mildura.

TarraWarra Estate

With the vision of creating something beautiful for others to enjoy, founders Marc and Eva Besen first planted ten acres of vines on TarraWarra Estate in 1983, which was the beginning of something undeniably special.

Soumah of Yarra Valley

It is well known that ‘great wine is made in the vineyard’, and the Soumah team set out to select an exact location for winemaking that delivers every advantage of a cool climate, undulating topography, and ancient soils.