Fine Vintages with Fine Palates

Fine Vintages with Fine Palates Ocean Eight is pleased to release the 2021 vintage of pinot noir and verve chardonnay. Releasing its wines two years after they were made allows them to spend twelve months in barrel and, crucially, have ample time to settle down after...

A Happy Harvest

Ocean Eight has had a standout vintage for 2021, delighted to deliver excellent quality varieties for its guests and locals along the Mornington Peninsula, with a particular focus on chardonnay and pinot noir.

A Toast To The Coast

Tegan Lyon chats with Olivia Barrie, CEO of the Mornington Peninsula Vigerons Association about what makes the region so special.

Ocean Eight

Ocean Eight is a family-owned vineyard and winery. Winemaker Michael Aylward went into business with his parents in 2004, with a focus on making the highest-quality pinot noir and chardonnay on the Mornington Peninsula.